How was “Kawaikute Gomen(remix)” created?

As with movies, music, or any art form, I like works in which opposing elements coexist well.For example, “beauty” and “ugliness,” “showiness” and “plainness,” “justice” and “evil. A work in which conflicting elements are exquisitely incorporated. Therefore, I often create my own works in such a direction. And this remix of “Cute and Sorry” similarly […]

I thought to myself, “Hey, this is a dream come true!”

The other day, I suddenly realized that my dream had come true! I thought to myself. Incidentally, this is probably the second time in my life, thankfully. By the way, the first time was here. A Dream Come True Story And this time, 、、、、、 When I was a junior high school student, I used to […]

A Dream Come True Story

I made and provided a demo song for XW-PD1 released by CASIO. (I haven’t touched it yet, so I don’t know if it is recorded on the actual device, but you can listen to it on the CASIO official site.) By the way, “CASIO_Official – TRACKFORMER XW-PD1 Demo 02” which can be heard on the […]

Ema Grace “Stand By” reviewed by Ryosuke Imai on his Youtube channel

Ryosuke Imai is known as one of Japan’s leading R&B, Hip Hop, and J-Pop producers, having produced Namie Amuro’s “Hero” and Little Glee Monster’s “ECHO”.He reviewed “Stand By,” a vocaloid song produced by Ryoma Maeda under the name Ema Grace, on his Youtube channel! Thank you so much!!!!!! Listen to the full version of Ema […]

Trip to Chiang Mai – Thai Land

This year, the rare Vietnamese holiday coincides with Songkran, the water-splashing festival in Thailand, I had always wanted to visit there, so I was looking for a flight. I remembered that Air asia had started direct flights from my current home town, DANANG in Vietnam to Chiang Mai in Thailand. The price is not that […]

Trip to Trang An / Ninh Binh – Vietnam

On Friday, I left work, I jumped on an evening flight from Da Nang to Hanoi, arriving on time. I checked into a cheap hotel near the Hanoi train station at 9:00 pm. I decided to buy a ticket to Ninh Binh, the nearest station to Trang Anh, which I will visit tomorrow. Because of […]

Crossing the High Van Pass by bicycle

Hai Van Pass was selected as one of the 10 great scenic drives around the world in 2015 and is a beautiful pass between Da Nang and Hue, Vietnam. These are the previous “Crossing the High Van Pass by bicycle” series This time I will cross the High Van Pass by bicycle! First, the south […]

Crossing Hai Van Pass by Vietnam Railway

Memories of the trip circa 2018 Hai Van Pass is a mountain pass between Danang and Hue, Vietnam, It is quite a beautiful pass. There are many ways to travel between Hue and Da Nang, Personally, I like traveling by Vietnam Railways the best. I personally like to take the Vietnam Railways because the area […]

【Tropicalize /Ryoma Maeda】Tropical is Romantic

Basically, I like summer. Therefore, I liked the concept and atmosphere of Haruomi Hosono’s tropical style ALBUM. Now that I think about it, “in beach, side ill-spot” by MILCH OF SOURCE was also a tropical style piece Around the end of July 2020, I spent a relaxing weekend at a cheap resort hotel as if […]

【Trip to Bangkok – Thailand】LIVE in Bangkok

I arrived at Dong Am An Airport, Thailand, at about 1:30 pm. The flight from Da Nang, Vietnam takes about one and a half hours. I had a problem that I could not find a ballpoint pen to write my Arrival Card at the customs, I borrowed a ballpoint pen from a staff around the […]

Summary of releases in 2021

No.1「Chu Chu Train / milky-chu」 Subscription & Streaming bandcamp An EP of the revival of milky-chu, a group known to those in the know who was active as a solo project by Ryoma Maeda from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. No.2「「Covers / Ema Grace」 Covers by Ema Grace The cover tracks […]