Ryoma Maeda Profile

2minutes Ryoma Maeda profile Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders Profi Ryoma Maeda of Virgin babylon records, as the leader, Haji metal of former Midori, and Shigeyuki Kimura of former Arakajime Kimerareta Koibito Tachi E, gathered around and formed the world’s first synthesizer garage punk band holding Keytar, wearing leather jackets, along with drums and explosive […]

Ryoma Maeda Works

Ryoma Maeda Works

Ryoma Maeda – Roll Over Beethoveeeen | HANYO USAGI dancing crazily music video

Animation Movie【HANYO USAGI】: MORI CHACK, NAOKI KAMO(CHAXGRAFFITO Corp. ) http://www.chax.cc Music video for “Roll Over Beethoveeeen” from the album FANTASTIC SUICIDE. Starring our old friend, “General Purpose Rabbit,” a character created by Chuck Mori! This is an exhilarating music video where violence and outbursts unfold in a carefree manner.

Ema Grace released”Check Them In”. known as the music in the game [Real Gangster Crime]!!!

Check Them In”, also known as the music in the game [Real Gangster Crime], has been released as a subscription download service. A lighthearted breakbeat track reminiscent of the 90’s! Please put it on your playlist!

Provides music for Virgin Babylon Records 5th anniversary compilation

I contributed one song as Ryoma Maeda for Virgin Babylon Records 5th anniversary compilation album “ONE MINUTE OLDER”. It is a newly written song with 3 chords, blue notes, dissonance, harmony, modulation, rap, and chorus in one minute, and pays homage to Scott Bradley, the composer of “Tom and Jerry”. This compilation album features 50 […]

VirginBabylonRecords 10th Anniversary Interview

Ryoma Maeda’s masterpiece! Virgin Babylon Records, the label that released “FANTASTIC SUICIDE”. VBR’s 10th anniversary interview is now available! Ryoma Maeda answers questions about the essence of his music, such as “10 works that have influenced me” and “What is music?

Over 500,000 plays (at Spotify) Thank you!

Roll Over Beethoveeeen” from Ryoma Maeda’s “FANTASTIC SUICIDE” has surpassed 500,000 plays on Spotify! (as of February 2024). 600,000 views is already looking like too much! It is also available on subscription services other than Spotify!

STEM DATA of Ryoma Maeda’s tracks released for free

STEM data of my own compositions are being released more and more as free downloads.You can use it as REMIX material or sampling material for private or commercial use. No credit is required.The skin of the freemium model is peeling off nowadays,This is not a return to a previous era.This is not a return to […]

Provided 4 tracks to compilation album “Funky Lunch Box 4”

Provided new 4 tracks to compilation album “Funky Lunch Box 4” These are 4 funky and pop tracks.This time also JASRAC registered songs。

Provided 2 tracks for the compilation album “Posh Graffiti 5

Two new songs written under Ryoma Maeda’s name were contributed to the compilation album “Posh Graffiti 5”. “Walk in the FAKE” and “Rag Mag Dolls”. These two songs are a mix of catchy and funny. Incidentally, this is the first JASRAC-registered music. What I want to say is, please use it without hesitation, everyone in […]

Ryoma Maeda’s new release「Live at Pudokan」This’s fictitious Live Edition album

We are pleased to announce that Ryoma Maeda’s newest work is a fictional live version of “Live at Pudokan” released on various subscription services. A supreme entertainment that vividly moves between the real and the fake! A fictional stadium live performance by a fictional progressive band! A night of excitement and joy is now coming […]

Summary of releases in 2021

No.1「Chu Chu Train / milky-chu」 Subscription & Streaming https://artists.landr.com/672985726109 bandcamp https://milchrecord.bandcamp.com/album/chu-chu-train An EP of the revival of milky-chu, a group known to those in the know who was active as a solo project by Ryoma Maeda from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. No.2「「Covers / Ema Grace」 Covers by Ema Grace The cover tracks […]

「Justice Little League​(​Returns) / Ema Grace」Full track commentary

Justice Little League (Returns) by Emma Grace, released on October 1, 2021, is a romantic, avant-garde gem. Subscription & Streaming: https://artists.landr.com/692531101334 bandcamp: bandcamp and more……….. So, the first track!Let’s get start! 1.Justice Little League(Returns) という皮肉っぽい内容の曲です。 正義の反対は、別の“正義” という、パワプロの名言にも影響されている。 とはいえ、ボカロでそんな社会派っぽい歌詞の内容の曲を作ったらどんな感じだろ〜なーという実験的な意味で作ったという面もある。 タイマーズで育った世代なので、一度は作ってみたかった社会派的な曲! 続いて2曲目 2. Refrigerator これはデモ版の段階をsoundcloudにアップしているので、是非ともそれと聴き比べて聴いて欲しい曲。 デモ版の時に比べるとだいぶ音数を減らし、必要な音だけを濃厚にして、Lohi Hip Hop的なアレンジにした(つもり・・・) デモ版作ってから長い間、煮え切らない感じで残っていたが、全体的に満足いくアレンジと構成になってちゃんとリリースできてよかった。 続いて3曲目 3. Autumn Leaves これも2曲目のRefrigeratorと同じく、だいぶ前に作って、曲としては気に入ってるけど、なんかアレンジが煮え切らんなーと思っていた曲。 最初のバージョンを作ってから数年が経ち、もう一回アレンジしてみよーと思い立って、思いっきり音を削り、シンプルにしたらしっくりきたー!! という事で、適度にロマンチックな構築美みたいなものが実現できたんじゃないかなーと思って最高にお気に入りの曲になった。 タイトルも最初のバージョンはは「Autumn」というタイトルだったが「Autumn […]

New release!「Justice Little League​(​Returns) / Ema Grace」

Ema Grace’s new EP “Justice Little League (Returns)” released on various subs / download services! Spotify iTunes/Apple music bandcamp and more……….. Track List 1.Justice Little League(Returns) 2.Refrigerator3.Autumn Leaves Please send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. using the contact form.

「Naive Diary / milky-chu」(Full track commentary)

2021年9月24日にリリースした、milky-chuの復活リリース第二弾!「Naive Diary」 milky-chuが贈るおっさんが作る狂気の子供音楽ナイーブ編! 子供部屋おじさんに捧ぐ狂詩曲(ラプソディ) まだ未聴の方は以下より是非聴いてみてください! ではまずは1曲目 1.Funny Dance for Me おそらく2000年代初頭に作ったトラック。現FL Studio、当時Fruity Loopsという名前だったDAWをメインに機材で制作。このFruity Loopsにプリセットで入っていたTB-303風のシンセベースの音が好きでこのトラックにも使っている。 メロディアスなシンセのアルペジオフレーズは、MC-303のアルペジエーターONの状態で、MC-303の小さい鍵盤弾いて作った。(はず) 続いて2曲目 2.Electric Satie たまに作りたくなる3拍子のトラック。3拍子の曲は好き。これも2000年初頭ぐらいに作った。 当時、エリックサティが好きだったので、まぁそれ風って感じでしょうか・・・。(たぶん) 続いて3曲目 3.December 色々なアーティストのアルバムにたまに入っている「インターリュード」が好き。(アルバムの途中に入っている短い曲) なんかワンアイデアだけで作られたようなトラック。聴くのも好きだが、作るのも好き。というわけで、元々はアルバムのインターリュード用に作ったトラック。 続いて4曲目 4.Like a Rolling Beans 元々はもう少し長い曲だったが、真ん中の美味しいとこだけ取り出した。という感じ。 淡々と、ゆるく転がるようなトラック。だからタイトルはLike a Rolling Beans。 5.Naive Diary アルバムタイトル曲でもあるトラック。 ナイーブ = 素直な、とか素朴、とかそんな意味で使われますが、つまりイメージとしては、2000年代初頭に大好きだった竹村ノブカズ率いる、Childiscのアーティストのトラックみたいなイメージで作った曲。 素朴で、飾り気が無く、ちょっと実験っぽいトラック。そんな感じです。 ちなみにフィールドレコーディングの音は、奥多摩で録った音。 というわけで、milky-chuのアンビエント作品集とも言える、「Naive Diary」の全曲解説でした。是非、聴いてみてください! Ryoma Maedaへの楽曲制作・Remixなどのご依頼はコンタクトフォームよりご連絡くださいPlease send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. […]

New release!「Modern Dan Dan / Ryoma Maeda」

We have released a funky breakbeat track that sounds like a Beastie Boys instrumental. The track is somber, but funky and fun. Spotify Apple music

The new work of Ema Grace “Hanamizuki”

The new work of Ema Grace, a fictional idol created with copyright-free photo/video materials and Vocaloid,Hanamizuki”, a second creation using the music paradata of the famous song “Hanamizuki”, which was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the debut of Yo Hitoto. https://linkco.re/S0UEFNAg —————————————————– Ryoma Maedaへの楽曲制作・Remixなどのご依頼はコンタクトフォームよりご連絡くださいPlease send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. […]

The compilation album “Funky Lunch Box5”

I provided 2 tracks for the compilation album “Funky Lunch Box5” 「Wow Wow Wash」 The sound of brass is a pleasant music! 「Cheers! Dive into the Pub」 Cheers!!!!” at the pub to with beer! The sound is a mix of Irish sounding atmosphere, breakbeats and American country! Please send us your requests for music production, […]

The compilation album “Posh Graffiti 6”

I provided 2 tracks for the compilation album “Posh Graffiti 6” 「RinRin-KanKan」 Country style pop music with a lot of weird breaks. This song matches a children’s video 「Carnival A Go Go」 Latin piano + tabla-like rhythms intertwine in this ta, carnival-like piece. 「Soul Training」 Soulful! Soul Training, not Soul Train! Check it out!!!!!!!! Please […]

Provided two songs for the compilation album “Mystery Accelerates

Ryoma Maeda has contributed two new songs to the compilation album “Mystery Accelerates” under the name Ryoma Maeda. The song “String Doo-doo! The song “Hero Comes Up! Yah Yah Yah Yah” and “Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah”. Yah Yah Yah” and “MAD MAD MOOD MAX,” a crazy high-speed track that sounds like free […]

milky-chu releases music collection “Naive Diary”

Release of “Naive Diary,” a collection of naive music by milky-chu Can be listened on subscription/download services!!!!!! 【Spotify】 【iTunes/Apple music】 【bandcamp】 Please send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. using the contact form.

The compilation album”DENGEKI PICOMPILATION Ele-Punkers”

I provided 5 tracks for the compilation album “DENGEKI PICOMPILATION Ele-Punkers” The cover illustration is by no-life, who also illustrated EeL’s “Little Prince” and milky-chu’s “Carnival for 〜”. These are literally 5 punk + electric-ish tracks.Check it out!!!!! Please send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. using the contact form.