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2minutes Ryoma Maeda profile Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders Profi Ryoma Maeda of Virgin babylon records, as the leader, Haji metal of former Midori, and Shigeyuki Kimura of former Arakajime Kimerareta Koibito Tachi E, gathered around and formed the world’s first synthesizer garage punk band holding Keytar, wearing leather jackets, along with drums and explosive […]

「Naive Diary / milky-chu」(Full track commentary)

This is the second revival release of milky-chu, released on September 24, 2021! Here’s the full track listing for “Naive Diary.” Check it out! in Subscription services 1.Funny Dance for Me Track probably made in the early 2000s. I used mainly FL Studio (now FL Studio) and a DAW called Fruity Loops at the time. […]

milky-chu releases music collection “Naive Diary”

Release of “Naive Diary,” a collection of naive music by milky-chu Can be listened on subscription/download services!!!!!! 【Spotify】 【iTunes/Apple music】 【bandcamp】 Please send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. using the contact form.

Ryoma Maeda Works

Ryoma Maeda Works