I thought to myself, “Hey, this is a dream come true!”

The other day, I suddenly realized that my dream had come true! I thought to myself.
Incidentally, this is probably the second time in my life, thankfully.
By the way, the first time was here.

A Dream Come True Story

And this time, 、、、、、
When I was a junior high school student, I used to browse through a bookstore in the countryside of a remote island,
I used to look at the synths I adored, Keith Emerson I adored, Ryuichi Sakamoto I adored, and I would shave my head and think, “Oh, I wish I could be in this magazine, too! I wish I could be in this magazine too!
The interview with Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders was published in “Keyboard Magazine,” a magazine that keyboard players adore!

Ryoma Maeda&Romantic Suiciders↓