Ema Grace “Stand By” reviewed by Ryosuke Imai on his Youtube channel

Ryosuke Imai is known as one of Japan’s leading R&B, Hip Hop, and J-Pop producers, having produced Namie Amuro’s “Hero” and Little Glee Monster’s “ECHO”.He reviewed “Stand By,” a vocaloid song produced by Ryoma Maeda under the name Ema Grace, on his Youtube channel! Thank you so much!!!!!! Listen to the full version of Ema […]

「SEX SOFT MACHINE / Ryoma Maeda」release!!!!

The track has not been open to the public for a long time. It was made about 7 years ago in 2012. Now you can listen to this track, “SEX SOFT MACHINE” on various subscribe services. Subscription & Download Services https://linkco.re/G1tqY3DZ I can’t make such a noisy track these days… Is it because I’m getting old? […]

【Tropicalize /Ryoma Maeda】Tropical is Romantic

Basically, I like summer. Therefore, I liked the concept and atmosphere of Haruomi Hosono’s tropical style ALBUM. Now that I think about it, “in beach, side ill-spot” by MILCH OF SOURCE was also a tropical style piece Around the end of July 2020, I spent a relaxing weekend at a cheap resort hotel as if […]

Follow Me Online!!!!!!!

I would be happy if you follow me on SNS or subscription services!!!! Please send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. using the contact form.

VirginBabylonRecords 10th Anniversary Interview

Ryoma Maeda’s masterpiece! Virgin Babylon Records, the label that released “FANTASTIC SUICIDE”. VBR’s 10th anniversary interview is now available! Ryoma Maeda answers questions about the essence of his music, such as “10 works that have influenced me” and “What is music?

Over 500,000 plays (at Spotify) Thank you!

Roll Over Beethoveeeen” from Ryoma Maeda’s “FANTASTIC SUICIDE” has surpassed 500,000 plays on Spotify! (as of February 2024). 600,000 views is already looking like too much! It is also available on subscription services other than Spotify!


If you would like to request Ryoma Maeda to create a track, remix, etc., or if you have any feedback on the music, please send us a direct message on instagram or X. https://www.instagram.com/ryomamaeda

STEM DATA of Ryoma Maeda’s tracks released for free

STEM data of my own compositions are being released more and more as free downloads.You can use it as REMIX material or sampling material for private or commercial use. No credit is required.The skin of the freemium model is peeling off nowadays,This is not a return to a previous era.This is not a return to […]

Ryoma Maeda Profile

2minutes Ryoma Maeda profile Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders Profi Ryoma Maeda of Virgin babylon records, as the leader, Haji metal of former Midori, and Shigeyuki Kimura of former Arakajime Kimerareta Koibito Tachi E, gathered around and formed the world’s first synthesizer garage punk band holding Keytar, wearing leather jackets, along with drums and explosive […]

Provided 2 tracks for the compilation album “Posh Graffiti 5

Two new songs written under Ryoma Maeda’s name were contributed to the compilation album “Posh Graffiti 5”. “Walk in the FAKE” and “Rag Mag Dolls”. These two songs are a mix of catchy and funny. Incidentally, this is the first JASRAC-registered music. What I want to say is, please use it without hesitation, everyone in […]

Provided 4 tracks to compilation album “Funky Lunch Box 4”

Provided new 4 tracks to compilation album “Funky Lunch Box 4” These are 4 funky and pop tracks.This time also JASRAC registered songs。

Ryoma Maeda’s new release「Live at Pudokan」This’s fictitious Live Edition album

We are pleased to announce that Ryoma Maeda’s newest work is a fictional live version of “Live at Pudokan” released on various subscription services. A supreme entertainment that vividly moves between the real and the fake! A fictional stadium live performance by a fictional progressive band! A night of excitement and joy is now coming […]

Summary of releases in 2021

No.1「Chu Chu Train / milky-chu」 Subscription & Streaming https://artists.landr.com/672985726109 bandcamp https://milchrecord.bandcamp.com/album/chu-chu-train An EP of the revival of milky-chu, a group known to those in the know who was active as a solo project by Ryoma Maeda from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s. No.2「「Covers / Ema Grace」 Covers by Ema Grace The cover tracks […]

New release!「Modern Dan Dan / Ryoma Maeda」

We have released a funky breakbeat track that sounds like a Beastie Boys instrumental. The track is somber, but funky and fun. Spotify Apple music

The compilation album “Funky Lunch Box5”

I provided 2 tracks for the compilation album “Funky Lunch Box5” 「Wow Wow Wash」 The sound of brass is a pleasant music! 「Cheers! Dive into the Pub」 Cheers!!!!” at the pub to with beer! The sound is a mix of Irish sounding atmosphere, breakbeats and American country! Please send us your requests for music production, […]

The compilation album “Posh Graffiti 6”

I provided 2 tracks for the compilation album “Posh Graffiti 6” 「RinRin-KanKan」 Country style pop music with a lot of weird breaks. This song matches a children’s video 「Carnival A Go Go」 Latin piano + tabla-like rhythms intertwine in this ta, carnival-like piece. 「Soul Training」 Soulful! Soul Training, not Soul Train! Check it out!!!!!!!! Please […]

Provided two songs for the compilation album “Mystery Accelerates

Ryoma Maeda has contributed two new songs to the compilation album “Mystery Accelerates” under the name Ryoma Maeda. The song “String Doo-doo! The song “Hero Comes Up! Yah Yah Yah Yah” and “Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah”. Yah Yah Yah” and “MAD MAD MOOD MAX,” a crazy high-speed track that sounds like free […]

Ryoma Maeda Works

Ryoma Maeda Works

The compilation album”DENGEKI PICOMPILATION Ele-Punkers”

I provided 5 tracks for the compilation album “DENGEKI PICOMPILATION Ele-Punkers” The cover illustration is by no-life, who also illustrated EeL’s “Little Prince” and milky-chu’s “Carnival for 〜”. These are literally 5 punk + electric-ish tracks.Check it out!!!!! Please send us your requests for music production, remix, etc. using the contact form.