FAKE / Ema Grace (Full track commentary)

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The reason why I created Ema Grace was because I wanted to make a singing song.
I wanted to create a female singer made up of Vocaloid and copyright-free photos. That is Ema Grace.

I used iZotope’s Ozone 8 for mastering,
I rejected it because the sound of the pattern mastered by AI was far from the sound I wanted.
But I look forward to the future.

Here is the digest version

Full track commentary

1. Stand by
There is another version of this song originally released as a free download.
This original version was released as a free download, so the lyrics of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” were taken directly from the song,
I made this song for the purpose of studying the arrangement of American pop music or EDM, which is very popular right now, or something like that.
Here it is!

The lyric was properly rewritten, and the arrangement was reworked to make it feel great.

2. Non​-​special Life

This is a track that I was initially thinking of making under Ryoma Maeda’s name.

The beat is a bit more complex.
However, the overall guitar and bass are simple, almost just one phrase,
I tried to make it unique by developing it with the effects.
This song was created with the image of a superbly skilled band playing.

3.Humming For You

A track that I am personally satisfied with, a rarity in the last few years.
Simple as possible…….. I just kept it as simple as possible.

I made the song and video in Da Nang, Vietnam last summer,
The video reminds me of the atmosphere of a summer evening in Da Nang, Vietnam. It’s a good song.

4.End of Capitalism
Basically, I don’t actually like 80’s sound that much.
But sometimes I want to listen to it.
So I wanted to make an 80’s sound, so I made this track.

I want to make a dark song. I wanted to make a dark song.
And distortion is really nice.
I knew I wanted to explode somewhere avant-garde, not complete with pop.


Please enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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