【Tropicalize /Ryoma Maeda】Tropical is Romantic

Basically, I like summer.

Therefore, I liked the concept and atmosphere of Haruomi Hosono’s tropical style ALBUM.

Now that I think about it, “in beach, side ill-spot” by MILCH OF SOURCE was also a tropical style piece

Around the end of July 2020, I spent a relaxing weekend at a cheap resort hotel as if I was on summer vacation.

Waking up early in the morning, watching the sun rise over the ocean, eating breakfast, and lounging on the poussides. It was a blissful time, but I regretted that I did not have any music to match my mood at that time.

I know what I want to listen to. That’s why I created this tropical ambient piece, “Tropicalize”. However, the summer of 2020 is almost over!

【Tropicalize /Ryoma Maeda】

Track List
1.DAWN 04:34
2.POOLSIDE 05:12
3.BRUNCH 03:01
4.NAP 04:36
5.DINNER 02:12
6.EVENING 05:20

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