FANTASTIC SUICIDE / Ryoma Maeda (Virgin Babylon Records)

Original full-length album released from virgin babylon records in 2012.
The album is an entertainment music of frustration, depicting a boy’s bare desires, violence, and freedom.
This album was produced by his brother, world’s end girlfriend, and mixed by COM.
A, and remixed by Serph.
The melody is poppier and more penetrating than any of his previous works,
The melodies are poppier than any of their previous works, and the beats run wild, compressing rock/punk/techno and other genres into chaos.
It is a portrait of a boy’s bare desires, violence, and freedom,
An entertainment electric punk music of frustration!
An undeniable masterpiece.

Track List

  • 01: I Want To Your Joke
  • 02: Stay Free, I’m Not Free.
  • 03: Roll Over Beethoveeeen
  • 04: Do You Remember Punkish Radio?
  • 05: Good Night, Metal Guru
  • 06: Ballad For 21th Century Girl
  • 07: We Will Funk You
  • 08: I Feel Mood
  • 09: For Her Tennessee Waltz
  • 10: Meat Is Mahler
  • 11: Are You Experienced? (in my life)
  • 12: I Want To Your Joke (Serph REMIX)


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