「Justice Little League​(​Returns) / Ema Grace」Full track commentary

Justice Little League (Returns) by Emma Grace, released on October 1, 2021, is a romantic, avant-garde gem.

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So, the first track!Let’s get start!

1.Justice Little League(Returns)

A hero of justice comes over

Everyone expects him

As we fight against our enemies

Destroy the city, kill your family, kill your friends

If so, kill the family members of the hero and kill your friends

Let’s make a hero’s mother a bitch

Let’s take all the hero’s family in medicine

From the safety zone I shout justice at SNS

The song has an ironic content.

2. Refrigerator

A demo version of this song is available on soundcloud. Please compare it with that version.

The music is re-arranged in the image of lo-fi hip hop

3. Autumn Leaves

This song was also rearranged and reincarnated from the demo version.

Music made in the style of jazz, but different from jazz

というわけで、Ema Grace「Justice Little League​(​Returns) 」の全曲解説でした。ちなみにジャケ写はタイ・チェンマイでの水かけ祭りの時の写真。Justice Little League というタイトルに超マッチ!

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