【Trip to Bangkok – Thailand】LIVE in Bangkok

I arrived at Dong Am An Airport, Thailand, at about 1:30 pm. The flight from Da Nang, Vietnam takes about one and a half hours.
I had a problem that I could not find a ballpoint pen to write my Arrival Card at the customs,
I borrowed a ballpoint pen from a staff around the area and entered the country.

After entering the country, we met up with Mr. T, who offered to take us on this trip,
We took a cab to Bangkok city.

After checking into the hotel, we decided to have a meal first,
So we headed for a local restaurant with two motorcycles.

Tom Yang Kung Kung,
A kind of omelette rice, a kind of fried rice
fried food, and so on,
The restaurant is dirty, but the atmosphere is also good! And the taste is delicious!

When I came to, there was a squall outside the restaurant.

It felt like the tropics, which is great.
And because of that, the city cooled down a bit.

We finished eating our meals,
But we still had time to wait for the sound check of the concert,
We went for a Thai massage.

It was very relaxing.

Then go to the live venue De Commune and start the sound check

iA digest version of the live performance can be seen below.

After the concert, we left the venue after midnight. Since it was so late, we went out for dinner with the performers and other people who were there with the guests.

In Thailand, I like to go to a restaurant of a food stall.

We ended up eating and drinking at the food stalls until about 3:00 pm, and had a great time.

Food stalls in Thailand are the best.

I was actually scheduled to perform the next day as well in the suburbs of Bangkok, but the event was postponed a few days before the show, leaving me completely free. 。。。。 Well, such things happen in life. Since we were going to be there, we went sightseeing in Thailand.

We had a Thai curry lunch with the staff and the people who had a live performance yesterday.

It was spicy! But delicious! This is the real Thai curry!

After that, I went to a Muay Thai match, went to Khao San Road, drank beer, and enjoyed Thailand.

I would love to perform in Thailand again someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!