「SEX SOFT MACHINE / Ryoma Maeda」release!!!!

The track has not been open to the public for a long time. It was made about 7 years ago in 2012.

Now you can listen to this track, “SEX SOFT MACHINE” on various subscribe services.

Subscription & Download Services https://linkco.re/G1tqY3DZ

I can’t make such a noisy track these days… Is it because I’m getting old? I am currently using cheap monitor speakers (about 10,000 yen), so I can’t balance a clean, quiet track with the world view I want to create….

If it’s a loud, noisy, agitating track, I honestly don’t know how to balance it…so I don’t feel like making it. I don’t know how to balance a track that is mainly loud and aggravating.

So, when I start making and releasing noisy tracks again, please think “Oh, he bought new speakers! I’m not sure how to balance it….

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